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Chapter 4. File > File Versions - Pg. 110

File Save as Web Page Although the Save As and Open dialogs are very similar, there are three options that exist in the drop-down Tools menu on the Save As dialog that don't exist on the Open dialog: Web Options Opens the same dialog shown by clicking Web Options on Tools Options General from Word's standard menu, which is covered in Chapter 8. Opens the Tools Options Save tab, which is covered in detail in Chapter 8. Provides some of the functionality found in File Versions, which is covered later in this chapter. General Options Save Version When saving a document as a web page, Word creates a folder with the same name as the document and in the same location. This folder holds supporting files, such as images, associated with the web page. File Save as Web Page This command is identical to the Save As command in all respects but two: HTML is the default format chosen in the file type box, and there is a button to change the title of the web page. This is different than changing the name of the file itself: the title is the name that appears in the title bar of the browser when the web page is displayed. Removing the Save As Web Page Command To save some menu space, delete the Save as Web Page com- mand from the File menu. It doesn't provide any advantage over using the regular Save As command and choosing an .html ex- tension. Choose Tools Customize and open the File menu, dragging the Save as Web Page command off the menu. For more about customizing Word's menus, see Chapter 3. File Versions Use this command to save and track multiple versions of a single document within one document file. While it is possible to track multiple versions of a document by repeatedly saving it with different filenames, the Versions command offers an easier way. The Ver- sions command adds the ability to conveniently store all versions of a document in a single file and see information regarding all versions in one location (the Versions dialog shown in Figure 4-8) with comments added. It also saves you from having to create all those extra filenames and numbers. Keep in mind, however, that saving extra versions 110 | Chapter 4:File