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Chapter 4. File > File Print Preview - Pg. 116

File Print Preview Figure 4-12. Choosing a paper size used to create borders and shading for pages, paragraphs, and text selections. You can learn more about it in Chapter 7. File Print Preview File Print Preview changes the document window, showing a document as it would look if printed (Figure 4-15). Although you can edit the document in the Print Preview window, this mode is best used for getting a visual feel for a document as a whole before sending it to the printer. Alternately, Word's Print Layout view shows the printed look of the document and allows you to edit it at the same time. For more on using Print Layout View, see Chapter 6. The Shrink to Fit button in the Print Preview window actually causes Word to reduce the size of the font throughout the docu- ment in order to reduce the size of the document by one page. Cancel this view by selecting any other view button. While Shrink to Fit is useful for previewing, and possibly printing a document, don't save a document while this view is turned on. If you do, all of the fonts in the document will remain at their reduced size. The document will need to be manually restored to normal. 116 | Chapter 4:File