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Chapter 4. File > File Print - Pg. 117

File Print File Figure 4-13. Choosing a paper source Be careful only to use the Close button on the toolbar when closing Print Preview mode. Using File Close or the Close button on the title bar will close the document itself. Changing to a different document view will also close the Print Preview window. File Print The Print dialog box (Figure 4-16) opens whenever you choose File Print or use Ctrl- P and is used to configure settings related to the current printing task. Clicking the Print button on the toolbar bypasses this dialog box and prints the document using the default printing options without further user intervention. It is always a good idea to save a document before you print it. Sometimes printing problems can lock up Word or even your computer, causing the loss of any unsaved changes. When you are closing a document right after printing it, Word prompts you to save the document, even if no changes have been made. This is due to Word tracking the latest printing date of the document as part of its statistical summary, which can be viewed at File Properties Statistics. 1. Na me. Choose from Windows printers in this drop-down list. To change the default Windows printer, shown at the top of the list, use My Computer Printers any printer right-click Set as Default. Chapter 4:File | 117