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Chapter 4. File > File 1-4 - Pg. 129

File 1-4 File Figure 4-22. The Statistics tab For example, if a document contains a form, create custom links to fields in that form so the values can be viewed by looking at the File Properties without opening the document. To do this, create a name on the Custom tab for the field, select the Link to Content checkbox, and select the name of the field in the Source field. File 1-4 By default, Word presents a list of the four most recently used (MRU) documents on the File menu for quick access. Just click the filename (or type the corresponding number key) to open the file. If a file shown on the MRU has been moved or deleted, you'll get an error stating that the document name or path is not valid. Change the number of documents shown (or turn the feature off altogether) at Tools Options General. Change the number of most recently used documents displayed on the File menu to any number between (no MRU list shown) and 9 using Tools Options General Recently Used File List. Chapter 4:File | 129