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File Print File Figure 4-15. Viewing a document in Print Preview mode · AutoText entries . Prints a list of AutoText entries available in the current docu- ment's template. AutoText is discussed in detail in Chapter 6. · Key assignments . Prints a list of any additional key assignments (keyboard short- cuts) made in the current document's template. This list includes only those shortcuts created and not the standard keyboard shortcuts available in Word (and listed in Appendix A). 7. Print. Use this drop-down list to specify whether to print all pages in the defined print range or just the odd or even pages. When creating a facing-page document, consider printing even and odd pages on different types of paper. 8. Pages per sheet . Use this option to decide how many document pages to print on a single sheet of paper. The default is one, but you can print as many as 16 pages per sheet. This can be great for saving paper when proofreading documents. You can also force the document to print to a different size paper than your page setup using File Page Setup Paper Source. It is also a handy way of printing documents formatted for very large paper sizes (such as 17") on regular letter-sized paper to get a feel for the layout. 9. Scale to paper size . This controls various advanced printing options that affect all documents printed in Word. See Section . Chapter 4:File | 119