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File Versions Figure 4-8. Saving multiple versions of a document File Figure 4-9. The Versions icon in the Word status bar of a document significantly increases that document's size, since all previous formatting information must also be saved. Use Track Changes with Versions When using versions to help track the work of multiple review- ers of a document, it is best to turn on Word's change tracking feature (Tools Track Changes Highlight Changes). This causes changes by different reviewers to show up in different colors, making it much easier to do side-by-side comparisons of versions. For more about tracking changes, see Chapter 13. When saving a version of any document for the first time, a Versions icon is added to Word's status bar (Figure 4-9) to indicate the document contains more than one version. Double-clicking this icon at any time opens the Versions dialog box. When choosing File Save while working with a multiple version documents, the current document is saved in the normal manner. All saved versions remain unchanged. When choosing the Save command in a previous version of a document, the Save As dialog appears, allowing the document to be saved as a new file. You cannot modify an old version of a document and then save those modifications in that document. You must instead save it as an external file. When choosing File Save As in a multiple versions document, be sure to save the document by another filename. The new document will be an exact copy of the current document and all versions of the document will also be transferred to the new file. Chapter 4:File | 111