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File Close Figure 4-5. The Places bar Figure 4-6. Closing Windows in Word Close button on any particular document closes that document. If only one document is open, clicking its Close button exits Word (the same as choosing File Exit). In ad- dition, if only one document is open, a Close Window button also becomes available on the far right side of the menu bar. Clicking this button closes the document, but does not exit Word. If you find it convenient to have a Close button on a toolbar, click the down arrow at the far right end of the Standard toolbar and choose Add or Remove Buttons Close. The new button looks like a suitcase with an arrow above it. Like all toolbar buttons, it's possible to move the button to a different place on the toolbar by holding the Alt key down and dragging the button to the new toolbar location. Opening or Closing All Documents Hold down the Shift key before opening the File menu to show two new commands: Save All and Close All. The former saves all open documents. If any document has not been saved before, the Save As dialog box opens. The latter closes all open docu- ments, but leaves Word itself running. 108 | Chapter 4:File