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File New Figure 4-1. Creating a new document Generating a Preview No preview is available for some templates, especially those without text. If you create a template and wish a preview to be available, open the template in Word and select File Proper- ties Summary Save Preview Picture. The preview of the document is available in both Word and Windows Explorer. The preview area on the New dialog box is often too small to be of much use. Choose Format Theme Style Gallery for a better way of previewing templates without having to open each one in Word. For more on using the style gallery, see Chapter 8. The tabs across the top of the New dialog represent categories of templates and wizards. You may see fewer tabs and templates depending on the installation of Word. Select a template to create a document from, and a preview of the document is shown if one is available. By default, a new document (.doc file) is created based on the template selected. If a specific template was configured only to be installed on first use, a note to this effect is displayed in the preview area. Click OK to install the necessary template and create the new document. Creating a new template (.dot file) is also an option. Templates are discussed in detail in Chapter 2 and Chapter 14. Like most of Word, it's possible to customize the New dialog box if you are willing to dig beneath the surface a little. Unlike Word 97, it's not possible to alter the default category tabs. It is possible, however, to add templates to the standard tabs and to create new tabs of your own. Word 2000 constructs the category tabs from three sources: 102 | Chapter 4:File