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Chapter 1. Word Overview > Major Word Sections and Task Lists - Pg. 14

Not Available Choose this option to make a component completely unavailable within Word. If you decide you want it later, you must run Setup again. If you insert the Office 2000 CD into a computer on which Office 2000 is already installed, the autorun feature on the CD acts as if it will launch Setup again, but does not. To launch Setup after the first installation, right-click the CD drive in Explorer and choose Open from the context menu. Double-click setup.exe to launch it and add, remove, or repair components. The Repair Office option reinstalls software according to its original configuration, repairing any corrupted or changed files. Word's Help Detect and Repair command does the same thing and is covered in Chapter 12. Starting a Document By default, Word opens a new, blank document each time it starts. This document contains many default settings, such as business-standard margins, single line-spac- ing, left-aligned tabs set to every half-inch, and a standard font (Times New Roman, 12 points). Double-click an existing document in Windows Explorer to start the Word appli- cation and open the selected document directly. If the document is one you've