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Chapter 1. Word Overview > Installing Word - Pg. 12

commodate the new text (the default setting). Toggle this feature by double- clicking the OVR block or by pressing the Insert key. Watch the Overtype Indicator Be sure Word is not in OVR mode when doing text inser- tions -- it's a dangerous and destructive mode to work in, and with the ability to select text with your mouse and type replacement text, there are few practical applications for OVR mode. 7. Spelling and grammar status. If grammar and spell-checking is enabled, a book appears in this block, representing the spell-check process that occurs as you type. A small pencil moving over the book's pages indicates that text is being checked, a red X indicates that errors have been discovered, and a red check- mark indicates that text has been checked and no errors have been found. If spell-checking as you type is disabled, the book disappears. To hide spelling and grammar errors, or to set other spelling and grammar options, right-click the block and choose from the context menu. Double-click the block to jump to the next error in the document after the insertion point and automatically open a context menu with correction suggestions. 8. Background save. This area remains blank until you save a document, at which time a small picture of a 3.5" disk appears in the box. The disk also appears in this box during a background save. Background saves update the temporary version of the open file -- the actual file is not updated until you choose File