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Chapter 17. Using Master Documents > Printing Master Documents - Pg. 406

Figure 17-7. Resolving a conflict between the master and subdocument If Word finds the same style in both the subdocument being added and the master document, it issues a warning (Figure 17-7). Choose Yes to have Word rename the style in the incoming document automatically. Word renames styles by appending a number at the end. For example, the style "figure caption" becomes "figure caption1." Choose Yes to All to have Word go ahead and rename all of the duplicate styles it finds. Choose No and Word keeps all the styles in both documents and tries to display the documents based on that. For example, choosing No when a duplicate style is found means that both the subdo- cument and master document keep their own versions of the style. When the sub- document is viewed in the master document, the master document's version of the style is used. When the subdocument is viewed as a separate document, its native version of the style is used. Ideally, you should plan the styles and templates used in the master documents and