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Figure 17-4. The finished master document Figure 17-5. A collapsed subdocument Collapse a Subdocument to Determine Its Location The easiest way to determine the file location of a subdocument is to collapse the subdocuments using the Outlining toolbar. In the collapsed view, a hyperlink to the subdocument provides an easy way to open the document file and shows where the file is located on your system. · Delete a subdocument by clicking the document icon at the top of the subdo- cument box and then pressing the Delete key. This removes the subdocument from the master document entirely. Note that you cannot delete a locked docu- ment. Locking is discussed later in this list. · Remove a subdocument from the master document and merge all of the sub- document's contents into the master document by placing the insertion point Using Master Docu- ments Working in the Master Document | 403