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Chapter 15. Fields and Forms > Using Forms - Pg. 369

There are also a couple of ways to keep a field from updating, whether the update occurs automatically or manually: · Lock a field by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-3 or Ctrl-F11. You can also do this by adding the Lock switch (\!) to the field. Locking a field prevents updates from occurring until the field is unlocked. Unlock a field by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-Shift-11. Use the Context Menu to See If a Field Is Locked Right-click a field to quickly find out whether it is locked. If the Update Field command on the context menu is dimmed, the field is locked. · Break a field by converting it to text. Select the field and press Ctrl-6 or Ctrl- Shift-F9. Once a field is broken, the process is irreversible. Printing Fields By default, Word prints only the results of fields. The Tools Options Print tab offers two options governing printing and fields: Update Fields Use this option to have Word update all of the fields in a document just before printing. Locked fields are not updated.