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Chapter 14. Creating a Template > Setting Options - Pg. 348

Figure 14-3. Setting page numbers · If footnotes are to be used, you'll want to make sure the options for them are correctly set. It might even be a good idea to include a sample footnote in the boilerplate text for the template to show how they should be used. Footnotes are covered in Chapter 7. · Will the document use a table of contents or index? If so, setting it up in the template can save a lot of time later. Go ahead and create the table of contents or index and include instructions in the template boilerplate text for how to mark entries, configure headings properly, and update the index or table of contents. This information is also covered in Chapter 7. · If the template has any document-level formatting (like borders and shading), set it up now. This makes it easier to see what character and paragraph format-