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Chapter 14. Creating a Template > Document-Level Settings - Pg. 347

Figure 14-2. Setting margins for the template I'm going to make that change first. Headers and footers, mirror margins, and gutters are not allowed in the MLA style, so I'm just going to leave those items alone. Creating a Tem- plate The paper size required by MLA is a standard 8.5" by 11". This is also the default Word setting, so I can leave the Paper Size tab alone. The default settings on the Layout tab (for vertical alignment, line numbering, and so on) are also correct. Document-Level Settings Now that I've set up the document layout, I turn my attention to other document- level settings. MLA requires that the pages of a document be numbered in the upper right corner, omitting the number on the first page. The number stands alone, with- out a "P." or anything next to it. Use the Insert Page Numbers command for this. Figure 14-3 shows the appropriate settings already made in the Page Numbers dia- log. For this template, page numbering is the only document-level setting I'm going to use. When designing your own templates, here are a few ideas to consider: · If headers and footers are to be used in the document, consider whether they will be the same throughout the document. If not, you may need to break the document up into sections to control the headers and footers. For more on this, see Chapter 7. Document-Level Settings | 347