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Chapter 13. Collaborating > Merging Changes and Comments - Pg. 336

Print Your Comments By default, comments are not printed along with the document. To print only the comments in a separate document, choose File Print Print What Comments. To print comments at the end of the document, choose Tools Options Print Com- ments. Note that the latter method affects all documents printed while the former method prints just the comments for one document once. Merging Changes and Comments For the most part, I recommend keeping only one copy of a document, letting each reviewer make his or her changes in turn, and then reviewing those changes at the end. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to let a document go to two or more re- viewers at the same time. Word provides two features for consolidating the changes in multiple copies of a document: Merge Documents and Compare Documents. Both work only on changes that have been tracked. Changes made when Track Changes is turned off cannot be merged or compared. If a copy of a document contains changes that were made while Track Changes was not turned on, Word warns you before