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Collaborating Figure 13-14. Subscribing to be notified by email when a document changes 5. Show General Discussions. Show any general discussions inserted using the "In- sert discussion about the document" button. 6. Subscribe . This button opens a separate dialog (Figure 13-14) that lets you specify that you should be notified by email whenever a document or any docu- ment in a folder changes. Simply specify the document (the default is the current document) or a folder (the default is the folder the current document is in). Next, choose when to be notified. Choices include: when anything changes, a new document is created, a document is modified, deleted, or moved, or a dis- cussion item is inserted or deleted. Finally, enter an email address you would like the notification sent to and specify the interval at which the server should check for changes. 7. Stop communication with discussion server . If the discussion server is on a local network, this button really doesn't do anything. If the server is on the Internet or you must access it over a dial-up connection, this button toggles that con- nection on and off. 8. Show/Hide Discussion pane . Use this button to toggle the discussion pane on and off. When hidden, you can still see discussion icons within the document. Double-click one (or select one and toggle the pane back on) to open the pane. 9. Close. This button closes the Web Discussions toolbar and the discussion pane and hides any discussion icons in the document. In order to see them again, choose Tools Online Collaboration Web Discussions. Web Discussions | 343