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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Figure 13-10. Using the Online Meeting toolbar 1. Participants. Use this drop-down list to view and select participants of the meeting. 2. Call Participant. If you are the host of a meeting, use this button to invite other contacts from your MSN Messenger list to join the meeting. Other participants can invite people to join using their NetMeeting applications. 3. Remove Participant. Remove the participant selected in the Participants drop- down list from the meeting. 4. Allow others to edit. In a whiteboard or shared application, this button allows other users to edit or control the window. 5. Display chat window. This button opens a chat window where users can type text messages to one another. 6. Display whiteboard. This button opens a shared whiteboard, covered in the following list of actions. 7. End meeting. Close the toolbar and end the meeting. During a meeting, participants can perform several actions: · Communicate with other participants by typing messages in a traditional chat window using Tools Chat. Messages entered into the chat window are viewed by all meeting participants. At the end of the meeting, the chat log can be saved as a text file and makes a handy record of the meeting. · Send files to other participants using Tools File Transfer Send File. Use the dialog that opens to browse for the file and to specify the meeting partici- pants that should receive the file. Each participant can choose to accept or reject the transfer. · Collaborate in real time on a Word document (Figure 13-11). Starting Net- Meeting from a Word document automatically opens that Word document in the meeting for collaboration. The host controls the document when the meet- ing starts. Allow collaboration by the participants by clicking the "Allow others to edit" button on the Online Meeting toolbar. Turn off collaboration at any time by clicking the button again. When collaboration is turned on, any participant can control the document, but only one person at a time can have control. Take control of the document during collaboration by clicking on it. Any user with control of the document can edit it using the standard Word tools. Participants other than the host do not have to have Word installed on their computers or a copy of the document. They actually control the host's Word application remotely. Collaborating NetMeeting | 339