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Share-level access This is probably the method to use if you have a simple peer-to-peer net- work (one without a server). Using this method, assign a single password to a folder or file. Anyone who knows this password can use the file. User-level access This is probably the method to use on larger networks with servers. Pick from a list of users on the network and assign each of them different per- missions to access the file depending on what you want them to be able to do. · There are also two other ways to protect a file that apply regardless of whether the file is accessed over a network, with your own system, or even if that file is copied to someone else's computer: Locking the file from certain types of revisions with a password Choose Tools Protect Document and assign a password based on the desired level of protection. This is covered in detail in Chapter 9. Protecting the file from being opened or saved using a password To do this, select Tools Options Save and enter options at the bottom of the tab. These options are detailed in Chapter 3. NetMeeting Microsoft NetMeeting comes with Windows 98, Windows Millennium, and Win-