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Chapter 12. Help > Help WordPerfect Help - Pg. 315

Help WordPerfect Help Help Figure 12-5. Using Help What's This? to display formatting properties If your computer has an Internet connection, Help Office on the Web opens the default browser and links to the Word section of the Microsoft Office Update site (Figure 12-6). This site offers the latest official word on Word, useful utilities to download, and online assistance. My favorite downloads are: WOPR 2000 PlaceBar Customizer A utility for customizing the places in the Open and Save As dialogs. For more about these dialogs, check out Chapter 4. Microsoft Office 2000 Customizable Alerts This one adds a Web Info button to many of the most frequently occurring Office alert dialogs. Clicking the button links to a web page with more information. PRIME Bookmark Popup This utility creates an alphabetical list of all the bookmarks in a Word 2000 document and provides navigation between them via a pop-up menu. Office HTML Filter 2.0 This is a tool for removing Office-specific markup tags embedded in Office 2000 docu- ments saved as HTML. This is discussed further in Chapter 16. Help WordPerfect Help For users switching from WordPerfect to Word (or those of you who must use both), Word provides a nice, if sometimes finicky, tool to help ease the transition. Help Chapter 12:Help | 315