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Chapter 12. Help > Help Office on the Web - Pg. 314

Help Hide/Show the Office Assistant Help Hide/Show the Office Assistant This command toggles between Hide Office Assistant and Show Office Assistant, de- pending on the situation. If the assistant is hidden or turned off, the command becomes Show Office Assistant. Selecting this command while the Office Assistant is turned off actually turns it back on and displays it. Use the assistant's options to turn it off again. After hiding the Office Assistant several times, the assistant learns that you don't like it and opens a dialog asking whether to just hide it or turn it off altogether. Almost makes you feel guilty, doesn't it? Help What's This? Help What's This? is actually a useful enough command that it has found its way onto my toolbar (see Chapter 3, for more on how to do this). After selecting the command, the pointer turns into an arrow and question mark. Click anything on the screen to get information. For example, click on a toolbar button to see the name of the button and a brief description of what it does. While this alone may not seem very useful, What's This also does something else that's