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Chapter 11. Window > Window More Windows - Pg. 305

Window More Windows When working with two document windows, the Arrange All command does do a good job of tiling windows vertically, placing one document above the other on the screen. Word does not sport a command for tiling windows horizontally; you have to do it yourself. When using multiple monitors on the same computer (Win- dows 98 and Windows 2000 allow this), Word's Arrange All command still takes all open documents and arranges them only on the primary monitor. Window Window Split The Window Split command splits the view of an open document into two panes, one above the other (Figure 11-2). The pointer changes to a split indicator for placing the split. Adjust the split any time by dragging the bar between the two panes. This command achieves a similar effect to the Window New Window command in that different parts of your document can be displayed at the same time and potentially in different ways. After splitting a window, the Window Split command changes into Window Remove Split. Once a split is removed, whatever window contains the inser- tion point becomes the working view.