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Chapter 10. Table > Table Table Properties - Pg. 296

Table Hide/Show Gridlines Specify a Whole Row or Column in a Formula Range To specify an entire row or column in a range, use the same row or column name on both sides of the colon in a formula. For example, C:C specifies the entire C column. 5:5 specifies the whole fifth row. Mark frequently used ranges with a bookmark by selecting the group of cells in the table and using the Insert Bookmark command. The name that you give the bookmark appears in the Paste Bookmark list on the Formula dialog for easy reference. Formulas can also include references to other tables in the same Word document. First, bookmark the table to reference by selecting the entire table and using the Insert Bookmark command. When creating the formula in a cell in another table, reference the bookmarked table and the cells in the formula. For example, the formula =SUM(Table1 C4:E4) would calculate the sum of the cells between C4 and E4 in the table bookmarked "Table 1." Table Hide/Show Gridlines Table gridlines are thin gray lines displayed by default so that it is easier to see where rows and columns are in tables where borders are not displayed. When gridlines are