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Chapter 10. Table > Table Merge Cells - Pg. 286

Table Merge Cells Figure 10-13. Merging four identical cells into one large cell Table Select opens a submenu with commands for selecting a table, column, row, or individual cell based on the position of the insertion point. Here are a few useful tips for selecting parts of a table: · For small tables, it is often easier to use the pointer to select table elements. Select a row by clicking the left border when the pointer turns to a small black arrow. Select columns at the top border in the same way. Drag the pointer to select multiple rows or columns. For larger tables, it is usually easier to use the selection commands from the Table menu. · To select multiple columns or rows with the selection commands, select a block of cells, one cell in each column or row. · In a freeform table created with the Draw Table tool, a column is defined as any vertical series of stacked cells, even if the cells are not all the same width. A row is defined as any horizontal grouping of cells sharing common left and/or right sides.