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Chapter 10. Table > Table Insert Table - Pg. 279

Table Insert Table Table Figure 10-5. Drawing a cell and then dividing it into smaller cells Summing Cells to the Left or Right of an Active Cell To sum the cells to the left or right of the active cell, use the Table Formula command, and change =SUM(ABOVE) to =SUM(LEFT) or =SUM(RIGHT). Table Draw Table The Draw Table command can only be used in Print or Web Layout views. Starting the command in Normal or Outline view changes the document to Print Layout view. This command turns the pointer into a pencil, used to draw the box outlines of cells. Start by drawing a rectangle that becomes a table with a single cell. Once the table is drawn, split cells vertically or horizontally by drawing a line that bisects the cell (Figure 10-5). This does not require perfect accuracy. Word second-guesses you by extending drawn lines to the nearest perpendicular line. This sort of table construction lends itself well to the creation of elaborate forms and layout tables, as it provides the freedom to place cells and blocks of cells anywhere on the page. Table Insert Table Use the Insert Table command to create a table by specifying the exact number of col- umns and rows a table should start with and how the cells in the table should be sized (Figure 10-6). Chapter 10:Table | 279