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Chapter 10. Table > Table Heading Rows Repeat - Pg. 290

Table AutoFit AutoFit to Window Table AutoFit AutoFit to Window This command is used with tables meant to be viewed in a web browser. It keeps a table sized so that it fits within the web browser window no matter how that window is resized. Note that only the table resizes, not the content of the cells. Content is wrapped to fit into smaller cells. For more on using Word's web features, see Chapter 16. Table AutoFit Fixed Column Width Normally, cells widen automatically to accommodate new text or content. In many cases, this is an undesirable effect, especially if columns are already sized to meet specific re- quirements. To keep columns at their current width, no matter how much text is typed into (or removed from) the cells, use Table AutoFit Fixed Column Width. This command does not prevent the manual resizing of columns or the application of AutoFit from the Table AutoFormat dialog box. Any commands that typically result in changes in column width (other than typing into the cells) continue to work on columns to which the Fixed Column Width command has been applied. Table AutoFit Distribute Rows Evenly The Table AutoFit Distribute Rows Evenly command converts all rows in an active