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Format Word 6.0/95 for Windows and Macintosh Word 4.x-5.1 for Macintosh (import only) Word 2.0 and 1.0 for Windows (import only) File Extension .doc .mcw .doc Table C-2. Text Converters Supplied with Word 2000 Filename Dbase32.cnv Lotus32.cnv Ami332.cnv Msimp32.dllMscthunk.dlMswrd632.cnvMswrd832.cnv Excel32.cnv Dbase32.cnv Write32.cnv Wrd6ex32.cnv Description Opens files in Borland dBASE IV, III+, III, and II format. Opens documents in Lotus 1-2-3 format. An export con- verter is not available. Opens and saves documents in Lotus AmiPro 3.x for Win- dows format. Opens Word 2000, Word 97, Word 95, and Word 6.0 documents in Lotus Notes versions 4.x and 3.x. Opens Excel workbooks saved in Excel 97-2000, Excel 98 (Macintosh), Excel 97, Excel 95, and Excel 2.x-5.0. Opens files in Microsoft FoxPro 2.6. Opens and saves documents in Microsoft Write 3.1 and 3.0 for Windows. Saves documents in Word 6.0/95 binary file format with