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Accepting and Rejecting Changes > Reviewing toolbar - Pg. 327

Collaborating Figure 13-3. Accepting and rejecting changes Reject Click Reject to delete the marked change and revert to the original text. Accept All This button accepts all of the changes in the document in one fell swoop. Use Accept All (Changes) with Caution Word records the Accept All action as one event. This means that the Undo button (or Word's main Undo feature) reverses only the whole acceptance. All of the changes are undone. When accepting and rejecting individual changes, you can step back through each change with Undo. Undo This button undoes the last change made (Accept, Reject, or Reject All). Close the dialog and you can still undo changes made using Edit Undo. Reviewing toolbar The Reviewing toolbar (Figure 13-4) is also used for reviewing changes. Display it using View Toolbars Reviewing or by right-clicking any open toolbar and click- ing Reviewing. I find the Reviewing toolbar a bit handier for everyday use than the Accept or Reject Changes dialog. It does, however, lack two good features from the Tracking Changes | 327