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Accepting and Rejecting Changes > Context menus - Pg. 328

1 2 3 4 Figure 13-4. Using the Reviewing toolbar dialog: the ability to accept all changes and the ability to quickly change the view. Of course, you could always customize the toolbar to include these commands using the techniques in Chapter 3. Put the Reviewing Toolbar Where the Work Is If you find it inconvenient to move the pointer back and forth between the Reviewing toolbar and your document, drag it away from the toolbar and put it wherever it feels comfortable. I recommend putting it outside the document margin if possi- ble, so that it doesn't obscure any changes. 1. Track Changes. This button toggles the Track Changes feature on and off. 2. Previous and Next Change. These buttons move the insertion point to and select the previous or next marked change. You can also use the browse buttons below the vertical scrollbar (first use the browse object button to browse by edits) to jump to previous and next changes.