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Part III: Using Thunderbird > Hitting the Ground Running with Thunderbird - Pg. 153

153 Chapter 10. Hitting the Ground Running with Thunderbird IN THIS CHAPTER · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Thunderbird Is a Better Alternative Getting Up and Running with Thunderbird Importing Account Settings Setting Up Accounts Server Settings Creating Your Own Mail Start Page Composing and Sending a Message Using the Spell-Checker Replying to Mail Creating HTML Mail Creating and Using a Template Creating a Signature Subscribing to RSS Feeds and Blogs Reading Newsgroups Thunderbird Secrets for Power Users Thunderbird is an easy-to-use, complete email and news reader program. Many of the features Firefox offers, such as themes and extensions, are available in Thunderbird as well. Thunderbird and Firefox can be used either together or separately. A comprehensive set of features is included with Thunderbird that will appeal to all users. Thun- derbird has a flexible and powerful spam and junk mail filter. It is a news (NNTP) reader, but to be fair, Outlook Express is also a news reader program. Thunderbird also has a built-in spell checker, so there is no excuse for misspelled words in emails. Thunderbird Is a Better Alternative Only a few generally available programs exist for email clients. Included with Windows is Outlook Express, an easy-to-use email program that initially offered such poor security that many users decided to look elsewhere for email. Today, Outlook Express is better, but many users still refuse to even consider using it. Outlook Express offers an NNTP client in addition to email. Included with Microsoft Office is a more advanced version of Outlook Express named Outlook. Outlook is a somewhat more robust program and offers many good enhancements. Surprisingly, Outlook doesn't offer a news client. From QualComm comes Eudora, an established name in email clients. It is available in both free and paid-for versions. As with Outlook, there is no NNTP client in Eudora.