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Part I: Office 2003 Application Tricks > Constructing Knockout Presentations in...

Chapter 3. Constructing Knockout Presentations in PowerPoint


Organizing Your Presentation

Advanced Slide Formatting and Design

Advanced PowerPoint Animation Techniques

Taking PowerPoint to the Next Level with Microsoft Producer

Among all the documents that you can create with the Microsoft Office Suite, PowerPoint presentations are unique in that they are the only ones that are regularly critiqued by other people. If someone sends us a Word document or an Access database, we rarely begin by casting a critical eye on the layout and formatting. Among spreadsheet jockeys, there is a worksheet aesthetic that looks for a certain amount of elegance in model building, but the main concern is getting the right answer. A PowerPoint presentation, on the other hand, must first meet a certain standard of visual appeal before we even consider the information it is trying to impart. Why? Perhaps it’s because presentations seem to be just one small step removed from entertainment: We sit in a darkened room looking at text and pictures on a screen while a person tells us a story about what we’re seeing. Or perhaps it’s because we’ve all seen more than our fair share of PowerPoint presentations, and the idea of sitting through another lackluster series of slides is just too much to bear.



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