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Chapter 1. Building Dynamic Documents in... > Using Custom Document Properties

Using Custom Document Properties

Word maintains a collection of properties for each document, and these properties represent metadata—data about the document itself. The default properties include the document’s title, subject, author, and statistics such as the number of characters, words, paragraphs, and pages. Word generates the values of many of these properties automatically. For example, Word calculates all the statistics based on the document content, and the default values for the Author and Company properties are the values you entered when you installed Word. The other properties you fill in by hand by selecting the File, Properties command and clicking the Summary tab.

Change Your Name and Company

Office stores the default Author and Company values in the Registry. To change the Author value, select Tools, Options, click the User Information tab, and then change the Name value. The default Company name is trickier to change. First, open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following branch (see Appendix AWorking with the Windows Registry”):



Edit the RegCompany setting with the new company name you want to use. Now navigate to the following branch:


Rename the Company setting (to OldCompany, for example). The next time you start Word, any new documents you create will use the new company name as the Company property.



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