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Installing QuickBooks

If QuickBooks has not yet been installed on your computer, you'll need to install the program before you can begin any of the setup procedures. Installation is easy—but beware! You must have the packaging that comes with your QuickBooks CD-ROM. During installation you are required to enter the license and product numbers found on the back of this packaging.

Install QuickBooks

Insert the QuickBooks CD in the appropriate CD-ROM drive of your computer.

Click Install. The installation wizard will appear.

Click Next to proceed with the installation.

Read the QuickBooks License Agreement and make sure you understand its terms. Then click Accept when you are ready to proceed.

Click Next to continue the installation.

Enter your license number and product number. This information can be found on a yellow sticker on the back of the QuickBooks CD packaging.

Click Next.

Did You Know?

Installation might not be automatic. If you insert your QuickBooks CD and the installation process does not begin automatically, click the Start button on your computer task bark; then select Run. In the box that appears, enter D:/setup.exe (where D is the drive letter for your CD drive) and then click OK.

If you do not already have an earlier version of QuickBooks on your computer, or if you don't want to overwrite an earlier version, choose the first option.

Click here if you want to choose a location other than the folder indicated for storing your QuickBooks program.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of QuickBooks, select this option and indicate the version of QuickBooks already in place on your computer.

IMPORTANT Your older version of QuickBooks will no longer be functional. When you upgrade an older version of QuickBooks to a newer version, the older version is no longer available on your computer. All data files are upgraded to the new version as soon as you open them, and you can't use those files in an older version of QuickBooks. If, instead of upgrading, you choose to install the new version of QuickBooks and leave the older version on your computer as well, a window appears asking you from which version to copy preferences.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Here are the minimum computer requirements for using QuickBooks on a standalone machine:

  • IBM-compatible 350MHz Pentium or equivalent computer (500MHz Pentium II is recommended)

  • 96MB of RAM (256MB is recommended)

  • A hard disk with 400MB of free disk space

  • 2x CD-ROM

  • 256-color SVGA monitor

  • An Internet connection with at least a 56Kbps modem is required if online features, including automatic updates, will be used

  • Windows 98, SE, 2000, NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3, 4, or 61), or XP operating system, and Internet Explorer 6.0

Uncheck this box if you don't want icons on your desktop that enable you to access technical support.

Click Next.

Click Install.

When the installation process is finished, click Finish. Your computer is rebooted at this time.



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