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Setting Up Service Items

QuickBooks applies the term service items to services you sell. This can include professional services such as legal services, medical care, accounting services, architectural planning, and so on. Also included are manual labor, child care, catering, and many other jobs. Each service you provide is identified in QuickBooks as a separate item.

Set Up Service Items

In the EasyStep Interview, select Yes when asked whether you want to set up a new service item. Click Next.

Enter a name for the service item you want to create. This is the name you will use when entering this item on a sales form, such as an invoice.

Enter a description for this service item. This is the information that will appear in the description area of the invoice when you charge a customer for this service.

Enter the price you charge for this service. This can be entered as a flat fee or an hourly rate. If you prefer, you can leave the price at 0.00 and enter a price directly on the invoice form when you charge someone for this service.

Check the box if this service is subject to sales tax.

Click Next.

Did You Know?

Many personal services are not subject to sales tax. Check the sales tax laws applicable in your state to determine whether this service item is taxable.

Indicate the income account associated with this service item. This is the account that will be credited when you record sales of this service. Click Next.

If you expect to subcontract this service to someone else, select Yes. You then see the screens described in steps 9–11. These options not available in QuickBooks Basic and Simple Start editions. Click Next.

Enter a description of the service item. This description will appear on company check stubs and bills.

Enter the typical cost for this item. Click Next.

Indicate the expense account where you will record the cost of this service when you purchase it from others. Click Next.

Repeat steps 1–11 for each service item.



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