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Chapter 18. Preparing the Top Ten QuickB... > Preparing a Payroll Liability Report

Preparing a Payroll Liability Report

Chances are, you either use QuickBooks to prepare your payroll, in which case QuickBooks can also produce your federal payroll tax forms, or you use an outside payroll service and it produces the forms for you. If you use QuickBooks for your payroll, you still need to obtain information for filling out state and local payroll tax forms. This payroll tax report should give you everything you need. In this example, we look at the detail behind the company's liability for state unemployment tax.

Prepare a Payroll Liability Report

Select Employees & Payroll from the Reports menu.

Select Payroll Liability Balances from the side menu.

Did You Know?

QuickBooks advertises its special offers in pop-up windows. A Take The Hassle Out Of Payday pop-up window might appear when you request this report. This window describes certain payroll services you can purchase from Intuit. Click Remind Me Later or No to close the window, or click Yes to read more about the payroll services. Checking the Do Not Display Message In The Future box keeps this window from appearing the next time you request this report.

Set the dates at the top of the report for the period for which you are paying payroll taxes.

Double-click any amount to get the detail behind that amount.

Examine the detail so you understand the source of the tax liability.



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