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Chapter 4. Invoicing and Collecting Income > Creating a Monthly Statement

Creating a Monthly Statement

It's not unusual to have some customers who don't pay their bills on time. If you have customers like this, you probably want to send them a reminder that they owe you money. The monthly statement lists outstanding invoices and also provides you with an opportunity to assess a finance charge.

Create a Monthly Statement

Select Create Statements from the Customers menu, or click the Statements icon on the Customer Navigator.

Indicate the date that will appear on the statement.

Choose whether you want to prepare statements for invoices issued during a particular timeframe or for all outstanding invoices. If you select a particular timeframe, enter the range of dates to be covered in this statement period.

If you choose to prepare statements for all outstanding invoices, check this box if you want to limit the statements to invoices more than a designated number of days overdue.

Select the customers who will receive statements. If you select any option other than All Customers, you can then select the specific customers who will receive statements.

See Also

See “Invoice Dates” on page 118 for more information on coordinating the invoice date and due date with monthly statements.

Did You Know?

You can't save statement options. If you make selections in the statement dialog box and then click Close rather than printing or emailing your statements, the choices you made are not saved.

Select the standard statement form (or another if you have created your own customized form) to use for the statements.

Choose between creating one statement per customer or one statement per job.

Check here if you want to provide detailed information from the invoice(s) on the statement.

Check these boxes to customize the selection of which customers receive statements.

Choose between printing and emailing statements now. Statements are not queued for later printing.



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