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Chapter 3. Adding or Changing Informatio... > Setting General Preferences

Setting General Preferences

When you begin using QuickBooks, there are procedures and options already in place that control the way you enter information and the way QuickBooks performs. You can change many of these options, called general preferences, so that the program operates in a way that is conducive to your computing style and your company's requirements. The general preferences affect the way the program works and provide you with an opportunity to set technical performance options, such as what happens when you press the Enter key, how information appears on your screen, and how the editing features work. After you've used QuickBooks for a while, you might want to revisit the general preferences to make your time spent in QuickBooks easier or more efficient.

Set Personal General Preferences

Open the Preferences dialog box by selecting Preferences from the Edit menu.

Click the General option on the left side of the Preferences dialog box.

Make sure the My Preferences tab is selected at the top of the dialog box.

Check the first box if you want to use the Enter key to move between fields the way the Tab key works. If you leave the box unchecked, pressing Enter typically completes a transaction.

If this box is checked, you'll hear a “beep” sound every time you complete a transaction.

Here's an option that everyone has an opinion about. If you want to type 1234 and have it appear as 12.34, check this box. If you want 1234 to appear as 1,234.00, leave the box unchecked.

Checking the Warn When Editing option results in a pop-up box appearing every time you make changes to a previously saved transaction.

The Warn When Deleting option causes a pop-up warning to appear whenever you attempt to delete a transaction or an item that hasn't been used.

See Also

See “Deleting Entries on a List” on page 103 for information about removing items from lists in QuickBooks.

If you've ever seen a message in QuickBooks that gave you the option of checking a box so the message would not reappear, and you checked the box, here's your chance to see those messages again.

Check the Automatic Recall option if you want QuickBooks to read your mind. As soon as you start typing, QuickBooks finds the customer or vendor that matches your entry and fills in all related information.

When you check the ToolTips option and then place your mouse pointer over a field where the text is too long for the field, QuickBooks displays the extended text.

Select whether you want to have today's date used as the default in new transactions, or you can use the last entered date as the default.



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