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Chapter 9. Formatting with Styles > Using QuickFormat to Create Styles On-the-F...

Using QuickFormat to Create Styles On-the-Fly

WordPerfect's QuickFormat feature enables you to make and use styles on-the-fly. You begin by formatting text, and then copying and applying the results at other locations in the document. Consider, for example, the document shown in Figure 9.1. Suppose you want to make each header stand out by changing its font and making it both bold and italic. Follow these simple steps:

Begin by applying the formatting you want to the first section heading. For example, if you change the font, and add bold and italic, you get the result you see in Figure 9.1.

Position the insertion point anywhere on the formatted heading, and choose Format, QuickFormat, or click QuickFormat on the toolbar. WordPerfect displays the QuickFormat dialog box (see Figure 9.2).

Figure 9.2. The QuickFormat dialog box enables you to capture a formatting style and apply it to selected text or to heading paragraphs.

Because you want to produce consistent-looking headings, choose the Headings option.

Click OK, and WordPerfect returns you to the document, but now the mouse pointer is shaped like a paint roller with a trailing swath of paint (see Figure 9.3).

Figure 9.3. The mouse pointer changes to indicate that you will apply a heading style when you click the mouse.

Move to the next section heading, point the tip of the paint swath at the heading, and click. WordPerfect applies the styles from the first heading to the heading you click.

Continue through the document, clicking each heading to apply the QuickFormat style.

To turn off the QuickFormat process, choose Format, QuickFormat; or simply click the QuickFormat button on the toolbar.



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