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Chapter 11. Delivering a Presentation wi... > Packaging a Presentation on CD

Packaging a Presentation on CD

The Package for CD feature allows you to copy on CD one or more presentations and all of the supporting files, including linked files. The feature also automatically runs your presentations. The updated PowerPoint viewer is included on the CD when you package your presentations. The PowerPoint Viewer is a program used to run presentations on computers that don't have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. If you are packaging your presentation for use on your laptop computer or a network, you can use Package for CD to package your presentation to a folder or a network.

Package a Presentation on CD

Click the File menu, and then click Package For CD.

Type a name for the CD.

To add additional files to the CD, click Add Files, select the files you want, and then click Add.

Click Options.

To include the PowerPoint Viewer, select the PowerPoint Viewer check box, and then select a play option from the list arrow.

To link any external files (such as movies), select the Linked Files check box.

To make sure fonts are available on the play back computer, select the Embedded TrueType Fonts check box.

If you want, type a password to open or modify the presentation.

Click OK.

To copy to a folder, click Copy To Folder, specify a folder location, and then click OK.

Click Copy To CD, and then follow the CD writer instructions for your operating system.



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