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Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint 370 To help you create a presentation, PowerPoint features two kinds of templates. Design templates include professionally designed colors, graphics, and other visual elements you can apply to your presentation. Content templates, on the other hand, contain both designs and content. Masters contain the formatting information for each slide in your presentation and are available for each part of your presentation--slides, handouts, and speaker notes. A presentation's color scheme is a set of eight balanced colors that coordinates your presentation's text, borders, fills, backgrounds, and so on. Creating a Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard Often the most difficult part of creating a presentation is knowing where to start. PowerPoint solves this problem for you. The AutoContent Wizard helps you develop presentation content on a variety of business and personal topics walking you through a step-by-step process. The wizard prompts you for presentation information, starting with the type of presentation that you want to give and output that you will use and ending with the title slide, which is the first slide in the presentation. When you finish, the wizard provides you with suggested content on 5 to 10 logically organized slides, which you can modify to meet your specific needs. Many AutoContent presentations are available in Standard and Online formats. Create a Presentation Using the AutoContent Wizard 1. Click the File menu, and then click New. 2.