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Chapter 4. Creating a Document with Word > Setting Up the Page Margins

Setting Up the Page Margins

Margins are the blank space between the edge of a page and the text. The default setting for Word documents is 1.25 inches on the left and right, and 1 inch on the top and bottom. You can use the mouse pointer to adjust margins visually for the entire document, or you can use the Page Setup dialog box to set precise measurements for an entire document or a specific section. You can also select the page orientation (portrait or landscape) that best fits the entire document or any section. Portrait orients the page vertically (taller than it is wide) and landscape orients the page horizontally (wider than it is tall). When you shift between the two, the margin settings automatically change. If you need additional margin space for binding pages into a book or binder, you can adjust the left or right gutter settings. Gutters allow for additional margin space so that all of the document text remains visible after binding. Unless this is your purpose, leave the default settings in place.

Adjust Margins Visually

Click the Print Layout View button.

Position the pointer over a margin boundary on the horizontal or vertical ruler.

Press and hold Alt, and then click a margin boundary to display the measurements of the text and margin areas as you adjust the margins.

Drag the left, right, top, or bottom margin boundary to a new position.



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