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Chapter 12. Creating a Database with Access > Defining Table Relationships

Defining Table Relationships

You can define table relationships in several ways. When you first create tables in your database using the Table Wizard, the wizard gives you an opportunity to define table relationships. You can also define relationships in the Database window or in Design view. This method gives you more control over your table relationships and also gives you a quick snapshot of all the relationships in your database. After you define a relationship, you can double-click the connection line to modify or add to the relationship.

Define Table Relationships

In the Database window, click the Relationships button on the Database toolbar.

If relationships are already established in your database, they appear in the Relationships window. In this window you can create additional table relationships.

If necessary, click the Show Table button on the Relationship toolbar to display the Show Table dialog box.

Click the Tables tab.

Click the table you want.

Click Add.

The table or query you selected appears in the Relationships window.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each table you want to use in a relationship.

Click Close.

Drag the common field in the first table to the common field in the second table. When you release the mouse button, a line appears between the two tables, signifying that they are related. Also, the Edit Relationships dialog box opens, in which you can confirm or modify the relationship.

Click the Join Type button if you want to specify the join type. Click OK to return to the Edit Relationships dialog box.

Click Create to create the relationship.



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