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Creating a Graph Chart

A chart is a graphical representation that makes numerical data, such as blood glucose levels of diabetic patients, more visual and easier to grasp. With Microsoft Graph Chart, you can create a chart in Office programs by entering your numbers and labels or by import data in the datasheet, a spreadsheet-like grid of rows and columns that holds your data in cells (intersections of rows and columns). Each data series, all the data from a row or column, has a unique color or pattern on the chart. The cell you select in the datasheet becomes the active cell, which appears with a heavy border. If you type data into a cell that already contains data, your entry replaces the active cell's contents.

Create a Graph Chart

Click where you want to insert the chart.

Start Microsoft Graph Chart.

  • Click the Insert menu, click Object, and then double-click Microsoft Graph Chart.

  • In Word, click the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Chart.

  • In PowerPoint, click the Insert menu, and then click Chart.

Click the datasheet's upper-left button to select all the cells, and then press Delete to erase the sample data.

Enter new data in each cell, or click the Import Data button on the Standard toolbar to insert data from another source, such as Excel.

Edit and format the data in the datasheet as you like.

Click the Close button on the datasheet to close it.

Click outside the chart to quit Microsoft Graph Chart and return to your Office document.



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