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Chapter 12. Working with Statistical Fun... > Working with Rank and Percentile

Working with Rank and Percentile

If you need to rank data, use the Analysis ToolPak's Rank and Percentile tool. This command not only ranks your data from first to last, but it also calculates the percentile—the percentage of items in the sample that are at the same level or a lower level than a given value. Follow the steps in the following procedure to use the Rank and Percentile tool:

Choose Tools, Data Analysis to display the Data Analysis dialog box.

Select the Rank and Percentile option and then click OK. Excel displays the Rank and Percentile dialog box, shown in Figure 12.21.

Figure 12.21. Use the Rank and Percentile dialog box to select the options you want to use for the analysis.

Use the Input Range text box to enter a reference for the data you want to rank.

Click the appropriate Grouped By option (Columns or Rows).

If you included row or column labels in your selection, activate the Labels in First Row check box. (If your data is in rows, the check box will read Labels in First Column.)

Use the Output options group to select a location for the output. For each sample, Excel displays a table that is four columns wide and the same height as the number of values in the sample.

Click OK. Excel calculates the results and displays them in a table similar to the one shown in Figure 12.22.

Figure 12.22. Sample output from the Rank and Percentile tool.



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