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Chapter 13. Analyzing Data with Lists > Copying Filtered Data to a Different Ra...

Copying Filtered Data to a Different Range

If you want to work with the filtered data separately, you can copy it (or extract it) to a new location. Follow the steps in this procedure:

Set up the criteria you want to use to filter the list.

If you want to copy only certain columns from the list, copy the appropriate field names to the range you'll be using for the copy.

Choose Data, Filter, Advanced Filter to display the Advanced Filter dialog box.

Activate the Copy to Another Location option.

Enter your list and criteria ranges, if necessary.

Use the Copy To box to enter a reference for the copy location using the following guidelines (note that, in each case, you must select the cell or range in the same worksheet that contains the list):

  • To copy the entire filtered list, enter a single cell.

  • To copy only a specific number of rows, enter a range that contains the number of rows you want. If you have more data than fits in the range, Excel asks whether you want to paste the remaining data.

  • To copy only certain columns, select the column labels you copied in step 2.


If you select a single cell in which to paste the entire filtered list, make sure that you won't be overwriting any data. Otherwise, Excel copies over the data without warning.

Click OK. Excel filters the list and copies the selected records to the location you specified.



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