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Chapter 18. Preparing the Top Ten QuickB... > Setting Reports & Graphs Preferences - Pg. 341

Preparing the Top Ten QuickBooks Reports 341 · Click the Hide Header button to hide the screen display of a header and thus display more of the report. Hiding the header does not affect the print version of the report--the header still appears there. After a header is hidden, click Show Header to redisplay the header on the screen. · Click the Collapse button to collapse the display of subaccounts and show only parent accounts on a report. The Collapse button changes to Expand. Click the Expand button to redisplay sub- accounts. · Press Ctrl+M to memorize a report you have customized. See Chapter 7, "Using Timesaving Features," for more information on the QuickBooks memorization feature. Setting Reports & Graphs Preferences Make some basic decisions up front about how your reports and graphs should appear and you won't have to think about these choices every time you open a report. Each QuickBooks user at your company can set personal report preferences, and some company-wide preferences affect reports accessible by all users. Set Personal Reports & Graphs Preferences 1. Select Preferences from the Edit menu. 2. Click the Reports & Graphs icon. 3. Click the My Preferences tab. 4. Select a refresh option to indicate whether you want a report to update automatically when you make a change. 5. Check here if you like your graphs in two-dimensional style instead of the default three-dimen- sional. 6. Check here to produce graphs in shades of black, gray, and white instead of full color. This is the best choice if you plan to print graphs on a black-and-white printer. 7. Check here if you always want the customizing options to appear when you view reports. 8. Click OK, or see the next task.