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Chapter 3. Adding or Changing Informatio... > Setting Desktop View Preferences

Setting Desktop View Preferences

If you use QuickBooks on someone else's computer, you might see a program that looks different from your own. The reason is that there are a variety of ways in which you can customize the appearance of your QuickBooks program. Some people might use a different color scheme, some might like to use the navigator bar at the side of the screen, and others prefer not to use this tool. You might prefer to see a separate QuickBooks window on your screen for each transaction that is in progress, whereas other users might want to fill the screen with a single window. Choose the settings you prefer. If you use QuickBooks on a network, each user can have separate desktop settings. For that reason, you might see that there are only My Preferences available among the desktop view choices, and no Company Preferences from which to choose.

Set Desktop View Preferences

Select Preferences from the Edit menu, and then click the Desktop View icon on the left side of the dialog box.

On the My Preferences tab, choose whether you want to see one QuickBooks window at a time or multiple windows. Note that if you select One Window, you can still open multiple windows in QuickBooks; they just layer instead of appear separately.

Check the Navigator box if you want the navigator bar to appear on your screen.

Choose an option for the display of your desktop. If you select the first option, every time you open QuickBooks, the program will remember how your screen looked the last time you closed the program. Select Save Current Desktop and you can set up a desktop scenario to appear every time you open the program.

Select from a variety of color schemes for your desktop display.

The two Windows Settings buttons open Windows program dialog boxes that give you format options for your computer as a whole.



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