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Chapter 27. Enterprise Resource Manageme... > Managing Enterprise Resources in Res...

Managing Enterprise Resources in Resource Center

In this view, users can perform the following functions:

  • Save Link— This will create a link and add this view as a link in the sidepane, as shown in Figure 27.2.

    Figure 27.2. Functions that can be performed when viewing the Resource Center.

    Once the link has been created, it will show up in the left sidepane, under a new heading: Saved Links. Once a link is created, a new option will also appear at the bottom of the left sidepane—Organize Your Saved Links. Selecting this option will open up a new window where users have the option of renaming the links (select Organize Your Saved Links, then Rename) or deleting links. Note that the deletion of a link is irreversible.

  • View Availability— This will display the availability for a specific selected resource. Note that you can view the availability for a maximum of 30 resources at a time.

  • Edit Resource— This displays resource details and enables users to change the attributes associated with this resource.


    Only users with specific authorization with the Project Server can edit the details of resources. This is to prevent accidental alteration of resources details.

  • Open— This opens the Enterprise Resource pool, enabling users to edit the resource attributes in the Global Enterprise Resource pool view.



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