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Chapter 10. Assigning Resources and Cost... > Selecting the Appropriate Task Setti... - Pg. 320

Assigning Resources and Costs to Tasks 320 As you can see, Project gives you the opportunity to fine-tune resource assignments so that sched- ule and cost calculations can be very precise. On the other hand, you can also get by with just the minimum amount of definition if you don't need all that sophistication. This chapter shows how to enter all the information needed to assign resources to tasks. It also describes how to use tools that record the minimum amount of information needed to get the job done. There are a number of different views and tools you can use to assign resources, and you will see how to use all of them. Each has advantages, depending on your objective. Selecting the Appropriate Task Settings If you don't assign resources to tasks or if you assign only material resources, you do not have to be concerned with selecting the task type or whether the task is effort driven. However, most as- signments are for work resources, and for those you need to consider the task type and the effort- driven setting for a task each time you make or change resource assignments for the task. NOTE The effort-driven setting and the task types are defined and explained in detail in Chapter 9. Only a summary of the distinctions among the task types is given here. Similarly, the data fields that define a resource are covered in detail in Chapter 8 and are not explained again in detail here. For detailed explanations of the use of the resource fields, see "Using the Resource Fields," p. 292. Note