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Chapter 12. Working with Graphics > Inserting Graphic Images - Pg. 201

Working with Graphics 201 4. · Vertical line/Horizontal line--Choose the type of line you want to create. This selection determines some of the other options available to you. · Line attributes--Choose the style (single, double, dashed, and so on), color, thickness, spacing, and length. · Position on page--If you set a horizontal line's horizontal position to Left, whatever size line you create will begin at the left margin. To place a vertical line between columns, choose the horizontal position Align with Columns. If you choose Set in either the Vertical or Horizontal drop-down lists, the length of the line will be from the current insertion point position to the right or bottom margin. The preview box shows you what your line will look like. When you're satisfied, click OK. Word- Perfect inserts the line in your document (see Figure 12.7).